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Conventional Veterinary Medicine / Vacc Protocols for dogs

vacc protocol

Below you will find our protocol for vaccines. Our protocol may be different from other clinics you have been to before. We believe your pets vaccine history should be based on pet's age, lifestyle, and environment.

All About Pets vaccine protocol for canines:

  • #1 DA2PP Vaccine @ 6weeks
  • #2 DA2PP Vaccine @ 10weeks
  • #3 DA2PP Vaccine @ 14weeks

Rabies Vaccine @ 16weeks

  • Bordetella Vaccine (To prevent kennel cough usually required for boarding kennels or grooming facilities)

Many of our patients do choose to start doing Distemper Parvo titers on their adult animals to see if the pet is holding immunity for the diseases and to allow us to move to a 3yr interval on vaccines.