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Boarding / What you need to know

All pets will be examined upon entrance into the boarding kennel for fleas. If fleas are present the pet will need to be treated at the owner's expense. If your pet is on flea prevention we will need to know what product and when you applied it to the pet.


vacc protocol

Dogs are kept in comfortable areas. Runs and cubicles are available based on size, demand, and activity level. Dogs are taken outside twice daily, weather permitting, for outside time which includes a short walk and time in large outdoor runs. Our veterinarian and technical staff does a daily walk through.


Cats are housed separately from dogs. Cat hotels have different levels so that cats can move around. They also have a small enclosed home for them "hide" in or just get really cozy.

Extra Walks:

Guaranteed extra walks during the mid-day period are additional charges. Days that we are closed all day, including Sundays are not guaranteed.


Included in the daily charges are two administrations, of the same or different meds. More than two administrations daily will be charged at $1 per administration.

Pets in Heat:

During holiday & peak boarding seasons, In-Heat pets will board at the special needs rate. However, we do not knowingly board in-heat pets during those times due to very limited space. There are no deductions for any pet in heat.

Aggressive Animals:

We do not knowingly board aggressive dogs. If your pet is aggressive, you must inform us.

Legal Note:

No pet will be released without full payment for any services we have provided. That will include any unexpected services that may arise after drop off, even if you pre-paid. No pet will be released to anyone other than it's rightful owner without a signed owner's permission on file to do that. Due to legal issues no one under the age of 18 can sign contracts.

Pet owners, please insure that you have taken care of all legal and financial issues if anyone under 18, or someone besides a family member, will be tending to your pets.